John Truelove: Music Publishing and MRT artwork
Fair Pay for Every Play

John Truelove: Music Publishing and MRT

  • S1E12
  • 20:21
  • August 19th 2021

John Truelove is record producer, publisher and DJ who is widely applauded in the electronic dance community. On this episode of Fair Pay for Every Play, he joins host, Kristian Luoma, to discuss the evolution of music formats and the importance of music recognition technologies, by reflecting on his musical career as a self-starter entrepreneur.

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Fair Pay for Every Play

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Music is incredible. It can excite hundreds, and unite thousands. But as an Industry, it has been slow, complicated, and disparate. While the tech world has moved into the future, the music industry continues to be shaped by inefficient systems of the past.

Join our journey in this podcast to explore how new music technology can result in to a more fair and transparent royalties distributions for the entire industry.

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