Cate takes over the Podcast - Interviewing Richard artwork
Flea Factory

Cate takes over the Podcast - Interviewing Richard

  • S2E3
  • 1:38:15
  • June 12th 2020

Warning - This Podcast has been Wife-jacked!

Cate decides it's time to turn the Microphone back on Richard and ask him about how he has put his life together.

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Flea Factory

I'm on a quest!

A quest to find out how to bring together my passions, my responsibilities and my skills. How can we involve ourselves in meaningful work that also provides for ourselves and our families?

I've been stuck believing that I need to do what other people want me to do, and what other people think I'm good at. But it's been wearing me down. I want to discover and tell stories. I want to discover and tell my own story. I want to be encouraged and challenged by other peoples stories.

Join me as I speak to many people about how they make it work in their own lives and discover maybe just what my next step can look like.