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Biochar : Interview w/Michael Wittman

  • S1E10
  • 1:24:05
  • May 8th 2020

This is the Season Finale and in this episode, I'm interviewing the Char-Man of the Board of Blue Sky Biochar, Michael Wittman.

He shares SO much information in this interview on everything from his background, growing up in the Bronx, NY and his first experiences with Grandmother growing food, to explaining in depth what biochar is, how it works to regenerate soil and how to create living soil.

It's worth the full hour listen, but no matter whether you're a "backyard gardener" or a full on crop grower of hemp, you'll get a little bit of everything in this interview. And if you just want to hear about what you're in to, check out the timestamp list below. And make sure to connect with him on social media or head over to to learn more about his products.

Listen in and enjoy!

  • 1:00 Introduction and Michael Wittman’s Extensive background and experience
  • 10:30 - Food Supply Chain and Self-Sufficiency
  • 13:20 -  Nutrient Dense Food & the disappearance of varieties of food
  • 13:56 - Justus von Leibig - chemist who discovered NPK
  • 16:22 - Creating living soil and how biochar is the management system of soil
  • 20:37 - Microbiology, nutrient retention and biochar as a permanent amendment
  • 24:12 - Interesting facts about Biochar
  • 26:08 - Impacts of Biochar on livestock (Cattle)
  • 31:48 - Impacts of Biochar on livestock (Chickens, Ducks, Geese)
  • 34:18 - Using NPK for the “backyard gardener” and creating a living soil
  • 45:27 - The balance between bacteria and fungi in the soil
  • 48:28 - Why mulching is critical
  • 52:14 - Maintaining living soil and why Michael doesn’t use NPK fertilizers
  • 55:26 - 3 Steps to properly using foliar spray for plants and trees
  • 1:06:54 - Foliar spraying to avoid powdery mildew & mites on cannabis and hemp
  • 1:18:18 - What Blue Sky Biochar products to use if you’re just starting out

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