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Food Slain

The Big FAT Lie : The Killer "Science" of Ancel Keys

  • S8E4
  • 42:12
  • January 28th 2022

This week, we find ourselves navigating a lie that has been told for 50 years, thanks to some of our designated government letter agencies and a guy named Ancel Keys.

Our quality of life, economic prosperity, the health of our land and water and our wellbeing has all diminished as a result of this big fat lie and in this episode I’m going to share the science that supports this discovery and share some of the history and corruption behind how we got to this point and what we can do about it.

We’ve heard for decades that the problem with obesity is our fault. And no matter what we do or change in our diets and habits, we’re still getting diabetes, gaining weight and dying from these horrible diseases…slowly and painfully.

So, after learning about how this lie has cost us in healthcare, cost people their lives and to this day, costs people thousands of dollars in prescription medications, yet we are still burdened with poor health outcomes, how can we believe anything we're told? That's the question.

Thanks for listening.

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