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Food Slain

The Future Is Regenerative - Michael Wittman Pt2

  • S4E1
  • 1:05:06
  • November 13th 2020

Welcome to Season Four! In this episode, I'm welcoming Michael Wittman back to the show for Part 2, to talk more about regenerative agriculture, the indigenous ways of farming.

We to talk about what's standing in our way and how we can get back to basics, restore the nutrient density of our food, AND restore our soil and ecosystems, our water systems, our air, our health, and our economy.

Thanks for listening in...time stamps for your convenience.

01:14 - Differences between sustainable and regenerative agriculture

05:01 - How can agricultural commodity growers use regenerative practices

08:25 - The interdependence in nature : the beaver & the wolf

14:31 - The pathway back to indigenous land management

18:37 - Nature will always be here

21:27 - To Move Into a Regenerative World, We need consensus

23:25 - How education is impacting our systems

26:22 - We need co-existence and common sense - not fear

31:54 - Small Steps to Move in the Direction of Regenerative Agriculture

36:04 - Building Resilience by Doing is an Evolution

38:27 - We rule the Corporate Food-Scape through Supply & Demand

42:14 - Values Based Purchasing - How Politics Guides Our Food Supply

50:01 - Why Women and Youth Will Save The World

52:42 - Greed Always Takes Over

Food Slain

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