On location - the Trust on the big and small screen with Anna Rathband artwork
Love Scotland

On location - the Trust on the big and small screen with Anna Rathband

  • S1E10
  • 21:01
  • December 18th 2020

​National Trust for Scotland locations have welcomed many film and tv productions, from music videos, documentaries and photo shoots to international drama series and feature films. In this episode, Jackie is joined by Anna Rathband, the National Trust for Scotland's Film Manager who chats about the importance of film tourism.  

Love Scotland

Love Scotland is a podcast series from the National Trust for Scotland.

From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, the National Trust for Scotland cares for and protects some of Scotland's most significant places and spaces, allowing them to be enjoyed today while protecting them for future generations.

Hosted by former BBC Reporting Scotland anchor Jackie Bird, and featuring experts and enthusiasts from across the country, each episode delves deep into the detail of the Trust’s people and places to showcase how everything they do is for the love of Scotland. 

You can find out more about the National Trust for Scotland's work and how to support them at http://www.nts.org.uk.

Meet the Host

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Jackie Bird

    Scottish journalist and broadcaster, previously one of the lead presenters of Reporting Scotland (BBC Scotland News).