Tackling gender inequalities in the financial services sector  artwork
Gender Matters

Tackling gender inequalities in the financial services sector

  • E2
  • 16:48
  • July 28th 2020

In this podcast Professor Valerie Stead invites Julia Hoggett, Director of Market Oversight, Financial Conduct Authority to reflect on the  importance of the gender challenges, featured in the Gender Matters 2020 brochure, for the financial services sector. Julia talks about why these challenges are proving so resilient, the deeper cultural issues that organisations need to address to bring about change, and the implications of the Covid-19 crisis and Black Lives Matter protests for moving forward.

Gender Matters

Businesses put gender equality and inclusivity high on their agenda. Media coverage of gender issues at work has never been greater, and we are seeing increased legislation to recognise the importance of gender equality including pay gap reporting and shared parental leave policy. Yet despite this attention, women continue to be under-represented in positions of power in organisations.

In this Gender Matters podcast series, we explore issues of gender equality at work through conversations with key stakeholders. Reflecting on the gender challenges identified in our 2020 brochure, the podcasts also consider the effects and implications for gender equality at work following the Covid-19 crisis. 

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