#2 - How Jo Built A Million Dollar Business That Runs Without Her artwork
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#2 - How Jo Built A Million Dollar Business That Runs Without Her

  • S1E2
  • 26:35
  • December 15th 2022

We're sharing no-nonsense, practical advice about building a million-dollar business in this episode of Get Savvy. Jo talks us through the process of getting Strictly Savvy to where it is today, a business that runs completely without her. Want to know how you can start building your business to do the same, starting right now? You won't want to miss this episode.  

Main Topics: 

  • Why every single problem in your business is you 
  • Why hiring a team isn't your answer to growth 
  • The most important thing you can start today 


2:16: Systemise and streamline your entire business 

13:15: Putting your ego aside as a business owner 

14:50: Delegation 

19:16: Goal setting 

22:29: Every single problem in your business is because of you 

25:00: It doesn't happen overnight 

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Get Savvy

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