S1.E3 - A Q&A on All Things OKRs
Giant Talk: The World's First OKR Podcast
S1.E3 - A Q&A on All Things OKRs
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We are really excited to announce a world first, the launch of the Official OKR podcast Giant Talk.

Hosted by Viv Parry seasoned business advisor and mentor, it’s a weekly podcast in which we have some stellar conversations with our much admired and revered business heroes.

In our podcasts we talk about and help to find solutions to the challenges of growing tech businesses, along with some deep dives into the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology.

In this episode we get to hear more of Roger’s dulcet tones as we talk about some of the nitty gritty around Objectives and Key Results:

What’s the right number of OKRs for an organisation?

How do you make them work with geographically remote teams?

How do you make them stick?

How do OKRs fit alongside KPIs?

There are some really great knowledge nuggets in this podcast as we talk about the importance of culture and how applying the OKR methodology can turn groups of individuals into teams.

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