S1.E8 - The Importance of Values and Culture
Giant Talk: The World's First OKR Podcast
S1.E8 - The Importance of Values and Culture
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Welcome to Giant Talk the World's First OKR podcast hosted by Viv Parry.

In this episode we welcome Roger Longden back into the steamy shed to focus on subjects that are at the core of the Objective and Key Results Methodology; that is Values and Culture.

Culture is the collection of behaviours and norms in an organisation, the unspoken rules.

Having a positive transparent culture is a fundamental to successful implementation of OKRs.

We also dive deeper into growth mind-set. In Roger’s words “teaching an old dog new tricks.”

Later on we talk about neuroplasticity and telephone directories. Do you remember those?

We chat about There Be Giant’s values giving some insight into how we work.

It’s essentially all about how we achieve results for our clients with values and culture at the epicentre of our work.