S1.E7 - OKRs and the positive impact they have on teams
Giant Talk: The World's First OKR Podcast
S1.E7 - OKRs and the positive impact they have on teams
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Welcome to Giant Talk, the World’s first OKR podcast hosted by me Viv Parry

We’re in new territory on this episode.

We’re still in our trusty little shed but we’re in a virtual meeting with our friends over in Portland Oregon. It's 5.30 am for them and a lot later for us.

The sun’s coming up in the background and Matt’s in the company condo. The shutters are down and RJ’s in his cave.

But despite the differences in time zone, language nuances and desires to be visible or not we get into a pretty awesome and connected conversation.

During the podcast we all get pretty excited about the subject matter and the guys from Koan come out with some amazing phrases.

Firstly understanding what their company name is about really tells us a lot about the company culture and mission.

Koan is a Buddhist word – leadership is about passing on enlightenment through questions and the process of reflection.

Here’s just a few of the conversational nuggets that come out of the episode.

“Can small behaviours, done repeatedly lead to massive results? “

Objectives are “a rallying cry”

Implementing OKRs ignite the spark of initial change

Mission is the North star guiding the business and Vision is the multi year plan.

Matt loves getting up at 5.30am and RJ is a wizard in the kitchen a master of the fermenting yeast !

I also miss out on Matt saying bhag …..how did he get away with that without me noticing !!!

Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Love these guys.

Take me to Portland now ……….

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