A driving ambition... artwork

A driving ambition...

  • S3E3
  • 43:46
  • June 22nd 2020

Glenbrook’s Guy Butler speaks to Sarah-Jane Curtis, Property Director at Bicester Motion – a campus of excellence for all things motive located on an airfield on the edge of Bicester, in Oxfordshire. Guy chats to Sarah-Jane about her career, via a long foundation at Grosvenor, to CapCo where she grew and ran their Covent Garden estate, through to working for Value Retail at Bicester Village, where normal property dynamics are turned on their head. At Bicester Motion, she runs through their vertically integrated business model, from being the new home to Motorsport UK, through all things automotive, to hosting new media like vlogger Mr JWW and The Road Rat magazine.

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