Ep 23: Mamta Swaroop artwork
Global Scalpels: A Global Surgery Podcast

Ep 23: Mamta Swaroop

  • 1:02:09
  • November 14th 2020

The term “global surgery” is extremely broad and elusive. “Academic global surgery” even more so. It can be hard to feel like one is making a difference, particularly when there are so many injustices all around us. However, global surgery is everywhere! It is anywhere that there is health inequity. Join us in this inspirational episode as we talk with Dr. Mamta Swaroop about how you can make a difference, your power, and how just one drop can make a ripple that forever changes the lives of those around you.

Global Scalpels: A Global Surgery Podcast

Dedicated to the 5 billion without safe and affordable surgery - come explore global surgery heroes in tech, law, war, business, and of course, the OR!