Ep 40: Priyanka Naidu and Zach Collier artwork
Global Scalpels: A Global Surgery Podcast

Ep 40: Priyanka Naidu and Zach Collier

  • 53:22
  • March 5th 2022

Asking questions is at the very core of education. Surgical education specifically is a unique circumstance in which “learning” directly affects the lives of others - sometimes in very negative and real ways. Thus, tackling training of new surgeons around the world has very real consequences that can help increase access to needed care around the globe but in safe and competent ways. The goal of surgery is to be effective, safe, and have the desired outcome. Learning how to ask questions and learn essential  procedural skills through accessible materials is the goal of Drs. Priyanka Naidu and Zach Collier. Join us as we talk about how they are using hackathons, self-assessments, apps, language translation, and dynamic education materials to learn and/or refresh surgical skills to be able to address the current gap in surgical knowledge and open doors to safe and affordable surgery globally.

Global Scalpels: A Global Surgery Podcast

Dedicated to the 5 billion without safe and affordable surgery - come explore global surgery heroes in tech, law, war, business, and of course, the OR!