Ep 41: Marci Bowers artwork
Global Scalpels: A Global Surgery Podcast

Ep 41: Marci Bowers

  • 59:16
  • April 5th 2022

The beautiful thing about surgery is that it has the power to change lives in ways that no other field can. Surgery is often used to correct physical deformation. Whether that is a fractured femur from a motorcycle accident, a craniotomy to relieve pressure on the brain, or an appendectomy to remove a ruptured appendix, each of these procedures helps to restore a person back to “whole”. What we don’t often talk about is when these procedures are needed to help bring a person back to whole when many places in the world do not acknowledge that this person has a deficit or even needs to be fixed. They fail to recognize the dissonance between the person’s soul and body. As one of the most vulnerable citizens in society, transgender individuals have staggering rates of harassment, discrimination, and violence. Although their fight is not seen as a medical issue by some, our guest today is helping to tackle this issue to provide safe access to gender-affirming surgery. Join us as explore these sensitive and important issues including the personal, legal, medical, and surgical process of gender affirmation surgery, female genital mutilation, and clitoral restoration surgery. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Global Scalpels: A Global Surgery Podcast

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