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Go Get It With Tanya White

Real Talk For The Church About Healing From Sexual Abuse

  • E25
  • 31:03
  • April 4th 2023

Elizabeth Fisher Good has been fighting sex trafficking for over a decade and realized a common theme was childhood sexual abuse leading kids to run away from home straight into the arms of traffickers. So, she has repurposed her ministry to focus on preventing childhood sexual abuse. She has the Speak UP curriculum for schools, Rachel Thomas’ “Cool Aunt Series” for families, and now Real Talk for churches, which have not been immune to predators. She helps churches put safeguards in place to protect children and gets real across the board with the dangers and prevalence of this issue.

Listen to hear powerful testimony and safeguard techniques against sexual abuse. By the end of this podcast, you will realize that sexual abuse extends across races, ethnicities, and religious denominations. But Elizabeth has developed the REAL TALK curriculum which is a systemic pathway and live coaching tool that helps end abuse, exploitation, and demand, which often result in trafficking later in life. For more information about Elizabeth Fisher Good, visit her website at

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