Graceful rulebreaking with: Irene Greaves artwork
Graceful Rulebreakers

Graceful rulebreaking with: Irene Greaves

  • S1E25
  • 47:00
  • January 19th 2021

Today's guest, Irene Greaves is the founder and director of Lovescaping, an organization that works with schools and communities to teach and cultivate how to practice love in action.

In this episode, filled with so much joy and laughter, Irene shares her journey to bring more love to the world and steps you can take to live in a more loving way.

Graceful Rulebreakers

If you're anything like me, you have a difficult time playing by the rules. You're ready for the status quo to change - in your work, in your personal life, in society. You have a passion - a drive to make the world better, and while you're a little (or a lot) out of place in traditional spaces, you show up as your authentic self, dancing on the lines that represent outdated rules and regulations. Welcome to the world of graceful rulebreaking.

This is a podcast for anyone out there who wants to make a positive difference in the world and live a good life on their own terms. Let's take a breath and dive into the questions we have about navigating our wild lives with grace.