My 7-Figure SEO Playbook [The Complete Audio Guide] artwork
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My 7-Figure SEO Playbook [The Complete Audio Guide]

  • E67
  • 38:57
  • April 8th 2022

I'm sharing my 7-figure SEO playbook. Here are some topics I covered:

  1. Why SEO
  2. How to find the keywords that help you get high intent leads (ROI-Led Keywords)
  3. How to write content that ranks
  4. How to get backlinks (without spamming & begging for links)
  5. How to convert existing users to leads & customers from your blog
  6. How to distribute your content elegantly on social platforms

Key links:

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Growth Marketing Stories

Growth Hacking is BS. There’s no quick way of making tons of money in the short term. Instead, we should focus on growth stories and growth flywheels. I believe you have to wait it out and do consistently smaller experiments, and initiatives to grow business as a growth marketer. This show is for growth marketers.

This is a show about growth marketing stories, where we explore how growth marketers and their case studies explore deeply what’s really moving their business needle and to get inspired.

Every week we’ll focus on one inspiring story that will tickle your creative neurons to find inspiration for your own work. 

This is Growth Marketing Stories.