What's Working in Paid Social in 2022 & Beyond by Dara Denny artwork
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What's Working in Paid Social in 2022 & Beyond by Dara Denny

  • E77
  • 33:14
  • December 16th 2022

This is the behind-the-scenes story of my mastermind call that I am sharing with you.

If you are interested in my mastermind group, DM me on Twitter for more.


1:42 - Dara's story about how she got into paid social marketing

6:08 - Who inspires Dara to look up to?

8:34 - What Dara has changed her mind about Facebook Ads?

13:24 - How do you fight the low ROAS?

14:40 - What if the CTR is above 1% but conversions are still low

17:29 - How do you fight attribution on Apple store post IOS14?

19:33 - Key scaling lessons

22:33 - UGC vs IGC content

27:48 - Is retargeting still relevant in 2022 and beyond?

30:52 - What are your Black Friday lessons


Dara is pretty active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DenneyDara

And her YouTube channel is worth following: https://www.youtube.com/@DaraDenney

Join our Paid Social Mastermind here if you are interested: https://forms.gle/LyW9VHiecQ3qB1TS6

Growth Marketing Stories

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