#34 How to win 4600 subscribers with Evernote notes artwork
Growth Show

#34 How to win 4600 subscribers with Evernote notes

  • S2E35
  • 40:07
  • November 10th 2020

In this episode of the Growth Show we have the pleasure to talk with the Steve Toth, who is behind SEOnotebook.com and a seasoned SEO expert.

Steve shares with us, how his journey with SEOnotebook.com started and especially how he got 2700 subscribers with an Evernote notebook in 8 months (today he has more than 4600 subscribers).

In this episode there are lots of SEO gems hidden like how to develop a domain authority, competitor SEO and how podcasts can help with SEO.

Also, resources for other SEO marketers as well as insights on how to start with SEO.

More about Steve:

Steve has spent the last 10 years constantly updating his SEO knowledge, but regards the last three years to be the most eye-opening. After heading up SEO Strategy at FreshBooks (a 350-person SaaS in Toronto) for 2 years, Steve turned them into his client, so he could focus on his freelance SEO consultancy for medium-to-large size companies.

He’s put his SEO knowledge to work for major brands including Porter Airlines, Toyota, KPMG, Intercom, Mejuri, EMI and of course FreshBooks, but also spent 7 years working on SMB clients like dentists, lawyers, plastic surgeons, trades, etc.

In July 2019, Steve started seonotebook.com which has grown to 2700 subscribers in 8 months. Every week, Steve emails one page of his SEO strategy notebook out to his list. His notebook is loaded with actionable, modern SEO strategies that you are not going to find on any mainstream blogs.

By putting what he’s learned into practice, He has been able to rank #1 for money keywords with over 300,000 searches per month and while quintupling FreshBooks’ organic traffic with a blogging custom strategy he developed.

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