How Fujitsu Approaches Deal-Based Marketing artwork
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How Fujitsu Approaches Deal-Based Marketing

  • E155
  • 39:47
  • February 1st 2023

Shahin chats with Andrea Clatworthy, former Global Head of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) at Fujitsu about how to approach pipeline acceleration and Deal-Based Marketing (DBM).

Andrea is B2B Tech marketing veteran, currently at Fujitsu leading the Account-Based Marketing and Deal-Based Marketing approach globally.

ABM at Fujitsu is mostly 1:1, some 1:few, and Andrea has been driving the approach across geographies since starting it originally in the UK in the last decade. 

A regular keynote speaker and occasional podcaster, Andrea has a wealth of experience which she generously shares.

The episode covers:

  • How to implement DBM
  • The importance of storytelling
  • What ways DBM can go wrong
  • How to personalise within DBM

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