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Managing Your Brand Through a Merger or Acquisition

  • E202
  • 28:03
  • April 3rd 2024

Hear all about the journey and challenges of an M&A as Shahin is joined by Reapit's (ANZ) Global Director of Marketing Operations & Campaigns, Courtney Scales

Listen in on how your company can manage through a merger or acquisition.

What to expect in the episode...

  • How to keep your brand's objectives aligned
  • Managing expectations during change
  • How to adapt to the strategies from start-up to growth phases post-M&A
  • How to create brands that have longevity

Courtney is a marketing expert, accomplished in scaling growth teams for success. 

Working with brands across a diverse range of industries, she leads marketing and sales teams, looking over the optimisation of customer acquisition, driving strategic adjustments to sales, marketing, and retention strategies based on overall company objectives.

Leading a team of exceptional marketers focused on driving the go-to-market and growth strategies, Courtney is purposefully curious about helping businesses connect with audiences in meaningful ways to deliver tangible value.

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Produced by Shahin Hoda, Alexander Hipwell & Allysa Maywald from xGrowth.