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Daniel McDermott: How Mimecast ANZ Secured Brand Budget from HQ

  • E142
  • 32:06
  • October 26th 2022

Shahin chats with Daniel McDermott, Senior Marketing Director, APAC at Mimecast about how the Mimecast ANZ team secured its own brand budget for the region from their HQ in the UK.

With his expert knowledge and insights from 20+ years of experience, Dan drives the highly regarded Get Cyber Resilient blog and podcast. Launched in 2019, he provides specialist advice, threat insights, practical applications and commentary on the brand risks that are associated with cyber-attacks to the local market. Dan is called on for comment on the reputational and financial fallout of such attacks and the preventative and response measures brands can take to protect themselves from and minimise such fallout. 

A B2B marketing expert, who has twice been included in the prestigious CMO50, the strategies Dan leads are designed to position and grow brand value through effective segmentation and communication of integrated value propositions underpinned by the brand promise. 

Dan firmly believes in applying foundational marketing principles while constantly looking at new and innovative ways to engage target markets and grow the business.

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