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The Future of Marketing

  • E188
  • 39:24
  • September 27th 2023

This week on the pod, Shahin is joined by Ed Locher to chat about the ever-changing marketing playbook and what we can expect to see in the future of marketing tactics.

The episode covers the following:

  • How the role of marketing is changing
  • Creating demand vs capturing demand
  • The evolution of marketing tactics
  • What KPIs you should focus on

Ed is a global B2B marketing executive with over 20 years of experience helping public, private, and PE-backed organisations create value through revenue acceleration and organisational optimisation. Combining his experience in technology and process improvement with visionary strategy, he has transformed marketing teams to transcend antiquated practices and expectations. 

With graduate degrees in engineering and business, Ed brings a data-driven methodology that removes subjectivity from marketing to deliver quantitative proof of marketing’s contribution to organisational value. He has helped establish marketing as a competitive differentiator in companies ranging from $30M to over $1B in ARR.

Originally from Boulder, Ed enjoys his family, running and cycling, rescuing big dogs, and Charles Dickens.

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Hosted & Produced by Shahin Hoda, Allysa Maywald & Alexander Hipwell, from xGrowth.

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Hosted by Shahin Hoda

Produced by Shahin Hoda, Alexander Hipwell & Allysa Maywald from xGrowth.