How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for 2023 artwork
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How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for 2023

  • E151
  • 38:30
  • December 20th 2022

Shahin chats with Tracy Gawthorne, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Asia Pacific at Capgemini, about how to prepare your marketing team for the new year.

Tracy has more than 20 years’ experience building great brands and great teams, connecting with clients and driving growth in markets across the globe.

She is a passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity; constantly curious about life and leadership; forever grateful for family and friends.

Tracy is involved in many initiatives to advance gender equity and has a long history of supporting women in leadership.

The episode covers:

  • Understanding organisation value
  • The importance of having a core skill
  • How to approach face-to-face interaction
  • The importance of partnerships

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