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The latest research and tips on finding happiness, balance and resiliency in today's busy world

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52 Episodes

E.51 Can Swearing Make You Happier?
  • S1E51
  • 21:07
  • January 24th 2021
  • Explicit
E.50 The Happiness Paradox
  • S1E50
  • 21:09
  • January 17th 2021
E49. How the mind affects the body
  • S1E49
  • 20:53
  • January 10th 2021
E.48 So long 2020
  • S1E48
  • 22:45
  • December 13th 2020
E.47 How to Have a Happy Covid Christmas
  • S1E47
  • 21:33
  • December 6th 2020
E46. How Forgiveness Can Make You Happier
  • S1E46
  • 21:56
  • November 30th 2020
E. 45 Getting in Touch With Your Feelings
  • S1E45
  • 23:00
  • November 22nd 2020

Happiness for Cynics

Don't worry. Be happy! There's a new episode every Monday!

Do you struggle with stress and trying to find balance in today’s world? Have you ever wondered whether this is it? Or maybe there are other ways to live…?

Or maybe you have a healthy amount of cynicism when it comes to all these positive affirmations and new age solutions to the age old question of what makes us happy, and you just want to know the facts.

Join us on the Happiness for Cynics podcast as we present the latest research on happiness, with a heavy dose of cynicism and a lot of laughs.

Each week, we’ll cover hot topics like exercise, finding awe and practicing gratitude. We’ll look at the research and facts and provide some practical tips to help you to bring more balance, happiness and satisfaction into your life.

Join Marie (the cynic) and the always happy Pete on their journey to discover what makes people happy.