#78 - And They Don't Stop Comin'... artwork
Hearthcasual - A Hearthstone Podcast

#78 - And They Don't Stop Comin'...

  • 1:26:29
  • April 2nd 2021

Monica, Kevin, and Brian discuss their favorite cards early into the release of Forged in the Barrens!

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Hearthcasual - A Hearthstone Podcast

Hosted by Brian “Rho” Black and Monica "Wickedkitten" Stone, Hearthcasual focuses on everything that happens off the Ranked ladder. Whether you’re a Casual deckbuilder, a Tavern Brawler, a fighter in the Arena or Battlegrounds, or you’re on a solo Adventure of your own, Hearthcasual has you covered! New shows posted every two weeks.