Help Solve The Case - Cold Case, Wrongful Conviction and Genetic Genealogy Investigator True Crime Podcast

Our mission is to solve cases AND help people AND provide a forum for those people that would like to participate to and see if this fight for justice stuff is really what they should be doing with their life. 

Here on our podcast we talk about all things relative to investigations, family and loved ones, resources and spotlight cases.

Our goal is to be able to solve as many cases as possible while providing investigative assistance to those that are indigent or without other resources.

Here at Help Solve The Case, we work on cold, unsolved cases, criminal defense cases and wrongful conviction cases as well as genetic genealogy for law enforcement and to find relatives.

If you have a case that is being ignored, frustrating you, or has hit a dead end, let us Help Solve The Case. If you disagree with the ruling or outcome of the case, we can look at that too.

If you are in law enforcement and have a cold (or recent) case and may be short on manpower, resources or heck, just out of ideas, we can Help Solve The Case.

If you have that nagging voice in the back of your head, Help Solve The Case with us.

You can join and help us as a Licensed Investigator or as a Virtual Investigator. Learn more on our website.

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