How to Avoid Becoming the Under-Performing Many aka the 80%: 5.15.80 Business Model

Here we are at the beginning of 2021 and hoping to put 2020 behind us. Unless you were one of the lucky owners who had the right offer at the right time, the majority of entrepreneurs took a big hit last year. It is forecasted that business revenues for 2020 is 1/3 of 2019! How many owners do you know that are already out of business?

This series of shows are not about good news. We are very pessimistic about the immediate future - the next 6 months. That emotion is based on the arbitrary nature of global lockdowns. In fact we address that in our Thursday show: "Beating The Lockdown ...While You Still Have A Future".

This season we will share 4 decades of experience on the 3 Types of Businesses, based on performance, and what you can do about it. Today's show is about building enough to stay in the game and then joining the Elite 5%.