Chris Krycho on Life Post-New Rustacean
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Chris Krycho on Life Post-New Rustacean
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Chris Krycho is a follower of Christ and contributes to the TypeScript and Ember.js communities. He also hosted the New Rustacean podcast, which sought to teach Rust through a purely audio format.

We talk to Chris about how involved he is with Rust now that he no longer hosts New Rustacean, how his background as a Christian influences how he interacts with open source communities, as well as how he wrestles with the tensions of working on a project in the open that he hopes will one day become a source of revenue for him and his family.

  • Chris's website.
  • Chris's 2017 Rust Belt Rust talk titled Becoming a Contributor.
  • Chris's newsletter issue where he writes about the tensions between wanting to keep the source of the rewrite project open, but still maintain the ability to generate revenue from it.
  • The tauri.studio project allows you to write cross-platform applications using any web framework and then compile it into a performant native binary.
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