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Hustlers of Culture

S5EP14 Interview with director Peter Webber

  • S5E14
  • 57:14
  • August 19th 2020

We are thrilled to present this interview with British director Peter Webber, whose Spanish-language feature PICKPOCKETS, currently on Netflix, we covered earlier this season. Peter graciously took time out of his busy schedule (here talking to us remotely from Italy where he was on a festival jury, so please excuse any technical hiccups still present in the recording) to discuss the fifteen-year-long process to make PICKPOCKETS. Then we dive deep into his career, from TV movies at the BBC to his recent reggae documentary INNA DE YARD, available now on Amazon Prime, via GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING, HANNIBAL RISING, EMPEROR and more.

Thanks once again to Peter for making this podcast happen and being so generous with his time and thoughts.

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