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I'm Not Your Shrink

I Answer Your Questions - Season Finale

  • S2E22
  • 48:21
  • June 8th 2021

This episode is quite a bit different than every other episode this season. I asked the community, via Instagram, to submit questions and I picked some to answer similar to a Dear Abby column.

As we close out Season 2 I want to thank this beautiful community - especially since we've hit the 100K download milestone! We truly would not be here without each of you listening and sharing it with those you love.

One of the most powerful things I have learned is what it means to rest. Just like flowers aren't always in bloom, we all have seasons and require periods of rest so we can bloom again. As this season comes to a close I will be taking time this summer to focus on rest.

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In this episode, I answer your questions!

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What’s Coming Next?

Stay tune for Season 3 in Fall 2021!

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