Your Top Q's Answered: Abandonment, Feeling Prioritized, and Mom Guilt artwork
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Your Top Q's Answered: Abandonment, Feeling Prioritized, and Mom Guilt

  • S3E15
  • 29:19
  • June 7th 2022

We are here! Already at the season finale.

Season finales are bittersweet. I have gratitude for all the amazing conversations of this season and I feel sad that we are taking a break!

I love ending the season by taking your questions.

So here are three of YOUR questions that I will answer in this episode:

  • How does one deal with the fear of abandonment when you are someone with anxious attachment?
  • How do I get my partner to prioritize better?
  • How do I navigate the mother wound while feeling low self-esteem, mom-guilt, and exhausted in general? 

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