I still learning about D.A.R.E. artwork
My last mistake

I still learning about D.A.R.E.

  • S1E10
  • 04:59
  • June 26th 2020

Get HiGh with me?        

Gender reveal..                           

(no animals were harmed in the taping of this episode)

My last mistake

My life

My choices

My mistakes

My lessons 

Your life

Your choices

Your mistakes

Your lessons 

I want to hear about your life experiences!

What choices did you make? The right ones? The wrong ones? Good ones? Bad ones?

What are some some of the mistakes you made?

What lessons did you learn from making those mistakes? 

Let’s swap stories!

Let’s inspire each other!

Let’s help each other to not make the same mistakes we did!

Let’s laugh, cry, learn some shit, talk some shit and take a stroll down memory lane together.

Never forget that

It’s just a bad day..

Not a bad life.