#28 A Buried Sun ft Gottfrid Åhman ( IN SOLITUDE / PÅGÅ ) artwork
Iblis Manifestations

#28 A Buried Sun ft Gottfrid Åhman ( IN SOLITUDE / PÅGÅ )

  • E28
  • 1:28:16
  • November 24th 2022

We are pleased to welcome Gottfrid Åhman to Iblis Manifestations!

He is a founding member of the now defunct Swedish Heavy Metal band, In Solitude. He now performs and composes for the project PÅGÅ, alongside his brother Pelle, also previously from In Solitude.

They currently have a release out via Svart Records and have been described as “Post-Punk freakery, like Birthday Party era Cave, avant-garde Bowie and the darkness of Coil with unique artistic flair that's in a world of its own.”

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PÅGÅ: https://paga-sweden.bandcamp.com

Event with Ruhail Qaisar: https://www.facebook.com/events/438974218368049/?ref_source=NEWS_FEED

SoundCloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/YJQRrB9QKZFH7gRw6


Iblis Manifestations: https://linktr.ee/iblismanifestationspodcast

Instagram: @iblismanifestations

Personal: @hewanderedofftonowhere


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