Building Inner Confidence Through Love With Misty Rose Gold artwork
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Building Inner Confidence Through Love With Misty Rose Gold

  • E9
  • 29:53
  • July 27th 2021

Today’s episode, we are talking with Misty Rose Gold about building inner confidence. Yes you can conquer your insecurities and feel grounded.

Misty Rose Gold is a lifetime entrepreneur and international success coach. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, high-level leaders, executives, and those who are driven and passionate become unstoppable through mastering their stress, emotions, and mindset. Her techniques and methods are simple yet powerful and proven to work.

1.Tell us something interesting about yourself most people don’t know.

2.I love your theme of Mange your mindset without reliving the past. What does that mean?

3.What are some of your techniques you use to help your clients to grow without reliving the past?

4.How do you get past limiting beliefs?

5.What is the hardest part about developing the life you desire?

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Ignite The Desire

Cynthia Jones is the founder of Royal Mindset, a company whose mission is to aspire and motivate others to live the life they desire, no matter the circumstances.  With years of experience, she has a long record of successfully guiding women entrepreneurs through her proven strategies in marketing that make any business profitable. Drawing inspiration from her story, she is able to make their visions a reality through careful planning and training.

Cynthia attained a Bachelor's in Psychology and Double Masters in Cybersecurity. Her knowledge in psychology enables her to understand her client’s needs in detail. Hence, she is able to serve you better by focusing on your short-term and long-term goals. She is a compassionate life coach who is focused on an individual’s business growth as well as happiness. Cynthia loves being part of your life, seeing you succeed, and providing constructive feedback to ensure that you never stop pursuing your dreams.

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