Success And What You Need to Know artwork
Ignite The Desire

Success And What You Need to Know

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  • 13:50
  • March 30th 2021

There are three areas to focus on this episode.

1. Fear

2. Faith

3. Optimism

How do you feel about fear? Is it something you get rid of? Or do you learn to live with it?

The truth is fear is an emotion and it is one of the strongest emotions that will have a great effect on your mind. How many times has fear stopped you in your tracks? Stopped you from applying to that dream job, start your business, or lose those extra pounds?

The truth is, fear is a part of your life and you must deal with it and learn to embrace the obstacles and challenges in your life. It might seem strange at first, but it's doable and you can do it.

Here are a few quick tips on overcoming fear:

I can still remember when I finished my Masters Degree in Cybersecurity. I was very fearful that I would not be able to put my new degree to use. I was 2 years in applying for jobs and no takers but guess what I did not stop and then I got the offer and the rest is history.

One of my clients had to apply to 100 government jobs before there was an offer. Do you think she was not fearful. No one would make the offer? So, you see, fear is present with you, but you have to overcome by doing and believing!

The next tip is Gratitude. Under gratitude, there is no room for doubt, worry, or fear. Get in the practice of gratitude daily. If you have not started, begin, when your eyes open in the morning. Name three things you are grateful for and lean into that feeling of being grateful for them.

Next Up is Faith. You might be asking, 'why is she adding faith?' Because it’s the antidote of fear! You can overcome fear by believing in what you are doing. I have this saying 'get comfortable being uncomfortable.' Meaning: learn to feel ok through the process and know that you are doing exactly what you need to do. Do not run at the first sign of obstacles or challenges. Begin to understand that change is inevitable! It will happen. Nothing, absolutely nothing, stays the same - either you grow or you die. Stop and look around you and ask yourself, 'what is living and what is dying?'

So today, I am asking you to have faith in your dreams, yourself, and your future. As my mentor says “Faith and Fear both have a lot in common, they demand you to believe in something you cannot see.”

The last is Optimism! If you have not started expecting positive outcomes in all of your affairs, do not take failure personally, but keep on trying until you succeed. In the book “Think and Grow Rich” there is a wonderful story on optimism with a lady named Fannie Hurst - a great writer who was rejected 36 times before her story was accepted! Once she broke through, then the flood gates open. So, you can imagine what she had to tell herself after 4 years of nothing.

I want you to start to believe in the dreams and the hopes you have put aside and the ones that are ongoing. You can and will have the flood gates open. Keep the positive attitude and know your breakthrough is right around the corner LITERALLY!

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Ignite The Desire

Cynthia Jones is the founder of Royal Mindset, a company whose mission is to aspire and motivate others to live the life they desire, no matter the circumstances.  With years of experience, she has a long record of successfully guiding women entrepreneurs through her proven strategies in marketing that make any business profitable. Drawing inspiration from her story, she is able to make their visions a reality through careful planning and training.

Cynthia attained a Bachelor's in Psychology and Double Masters in Cybersecurity. Her knowledge in psychology enables her to understand her client’s needs in detail. Hence, she is able to serve you better by focusing on your short-term and long-term goals. She is a compassionate life coach who is focused on an individual’s business growth as well as happiness. Cynthia loves being part of your life, seeing you succeed, and providing constructive feedback to ensure that you never stop pursuing your dreams.

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