Author/Businesswoman, Brandee Carbo (11-12-18)
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Author/Businesswoman, Brandee Carbo (11-12-18)
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BRANDEE LOVE CARBO, the author of two books, "No More Secrets" and "Karma Recovery 101", as well as an investor, mentor, yoga lover, and businesswoman, will call in to discuss her books, as well as "Kuvera", her latest business venture.

From her Amazon Bio: "Born a free spirit but chained to substance abuse and addiction to deal with great personal trauma at an early age, Brandee Carbo has discovered how to break those chains and reclaim freedom. She brings that powerful and life-changing discovery to you in her books Karma Recovery 101 and No More Secrets."

You can reach Brandee Carbo directly at:

E-Mail [email protected]

Telephone (518) 534-3793

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