Author, MARCELO BRAZZI (5-27-20)
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Author, MARCELO BRAZZI (5-27-20)
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MARCELO BRAZZI, an author from California, joined us to discuss his latest release, "The Liberal Record - How Liberals Changed the World".

From His Amazon Page:

"Over the past few decades the country has become highly divided politically. In the course of reporting current events, the concepts of conservative and liberal have become grossly distorted. At the top of a political agenda is the demonization of the opposition party. The true accomplishments and values have been suppressed. If this is not corrected, government will continue towards an abyss of dysfunction, disunity, and dissension. It is paramount that the US electorate is accurately and fully informed regarding the record of liberals and conservatives. Hence this book.

The author was a Spacecraft Engineer on NASA's Apollo program and a Computer Science instructor at California State University. He holds a Master's degree in Systems Engineering from the University of California and has traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Among his accomplishments, are ascending Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest, and photographing total solar eclipses around the world. Living on the beach in Southern California, he is involved in managing his real estate investments, writing, and spending time with his grown children and his grandsons."

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