"Impact Interviews" (2-18-19)
Impact Radio USA
"Impact Interviews" (2-18-19)
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From the archives of "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" radio show at WNZK-AM in Detroit, as well as on Impact Radio USA, we have chosen TWO past interviews to air each week. Tune in each week to hear the best of the best of the guests who have appeared On Paul's radio show.

"Impact Interviews" airs every day and night, Monday through Friday, at 10:00 am AND 10:00 pm EST. Join us, as we present our previous guests again to enhance their visibility with you!

Tune in today to hear interviews with long time radio guy and current radio host on Impact Radio USA, Larry Matthews; and author Kristin Bartzokis, a woman and author who has overcome life's challenges to lead a life of incredible success!


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