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Life Coach, KEITH SENZER (3-3-21)

  • 21:52
  • March 3rd 2021

Life Coach, KEITH SENZER, stopped in to discus his early days in high school, during which he was bullied, suffered with low self-esteem, and had undiagnosed ADHD - and how he now works to help the youth of today to manage through the vicissitudes of life.


"I truly believe my purpose and calling is effecting change in our teens so that they may grow up to be powerful, responsible and influential adults who want to make the world a better place.

I wish that Life Coaching was something that was accessible when I was growing up. I was bullied as a teen and to this day believe that I had ADHD which went undiagnosed. This had a tremendous impact on my academic success and in turn my self-confidence.

I struggled to make new friends and was viewed as a snob because I was so shy. My insecurities kept me from connecting with people and recognizing social cues that I should have responded to appropriately.

I did not start to find myself until college and even then I was following a path that was suggested to me, not the path that aligned with my core values. I barely graduated High School and my parents thought I was great with people so they suggested I go into the Hospitality Field. I spent 24 years pursuing this career path but not once did it resonate with me on a deeper level. I had great success and owned a successful business for 14 years but I was still not fulfilled.

I have 2 children, one with ADHD and one with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Nurturing them along with my amazing wife, we taught them to be confident, responsible, empathetic and loving human beings. I woke up one day and realized that I have a bigger purpose than myself. I sold my business and I got my coaching certification.

Since 2014 I have dedicated my life to helping teens become the best version of themselves and teaching them to be our future leaders with a goal to heal our world. 

Through One to One Coaching and Group Workshops I have been able to make a tremendous impact on the teens I have had the pleasure to coach. I work on specific goals that are important to their success and teach them strategies and ways to shift their mindset to ensure confidence and success.

It is hard growing up as a teenager in this digital and competitive world. I will help them navigate it through my coaching and deep passion and commitment to their success."

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