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Podcast Host, Sal Passos (1-8-21)

  • 19:36
  • January 8th 2021

SAL PASSOS, host of "The Truth Must Be Told" podcast, joined us to discuss his views on the Bible, Christianity in today's world, the political scene, and all that the world needs today.

From his profile:

"At 62, a former Assembly of God minister and retired retail manager, I have done many things in my life and I wish to share those experiences with others. I've spent many years in public service from being a volunteer firefighter to the pulpit. Due to a back injury, I am disabled and figured I can use my podcast, The Truth Must Be Told to get information out there. I'm new to the podcast game but I have always liked broadcasting. My podcast is to expose the truth, no matter how painful it may be to people. The main stream media is not telling the truth and the truth, wisdom and moral integrity is what is needed in todays world. I have always been a bit iconoclastic and I want to say that I am not PERFECT. I'm a sinner saved by God's grace but I would like to speak His truth to as many people as I can."


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