Speaker/Author, Bob Kittell (5-31-19)
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Speaker/Author, Bob Kittell (5-31-19)
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BOB KITTELL, a motivational speaker, memory expert, and author, joined us to discuss all that he does to help people improve, as well as to discuss his latest release, "The Memory Maestro."

From His Website: "What if you could alter your destiny and the destiny of thousands with one simple technique and a bit of practice? It’s possible. It’s likely.

What will happen to your level of success and joy as you begin to pay more attention to others, your spouse, your kids, your boss, your clients…? What if they really knew you were listening and that you cared? What would happen to your relationships, your success, your income?

In this personal memoir, Bob Kittell shares amazing techniques of memory and mind mastery that actually work. His story begins with the moment that triggered his success as an international inspirational speaker.

Enjoy his journey with him, and see firsthand how preparation, opportunity and action move you forward as you discover your life’s purpose and also help others realize their dreams."

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