Citizens Advice Bureau UK: Financial Stress artwork
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Citizens Advice Bureau UK: Financial Stress

  • E14
  • 17:04
  • January 28th 2022

Soaring energy prices and cost of living are driving millions into financial stress. This in turn leads to depression.

As the house of cards starts falling down, the human response is to bury your head in the sand, hoping it will all go away while the problems get bigger, more urgent, and more legally threatening.

Enter the Citizens Advice Bureau. Benefits Advisor Zoe Blyth is one of many at CAB who have taken on numerous cases of extreme financial distress - AND WON!

Her work is sensitive, compassionate, understanding and legally informed. Chrissie Pollard interviews Zoe on a wide range of cases that CAB can take on to help you get out of menacing financial debts.

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