Misogyny: origins of men's hatred of women. artwork
In These Times: Speaking for the mind

Misogyny: origins of men's hatred of women.

  • E15
  • 32:18
  • February 3rd 2022

Female hate crimes, humiliation, harassment, degradation, rape and murder have been celebrated in cultures and religions for centuries as the acceptable norm. The idea that this might be wrong is a modern one. Hence the word: "misogyny".

Previn Karian discusses the psychological origins of men's hatred of women in the profound inferiority of the male brain structure as it cannot relate to life (birth) or pleasure (erotic zones). Like no other animal on the planet, the male brain obsessively destroys its own kind and kinship group, but especially women.

This bio-wiring is a psychological sickness implanted in all "civilisations". The failure to understand this has resulted in the failure of laws and even feminism to dent male aggression and its specific targeting of women.

This discussion is a necessary starter on the psychological origins of men's hate and fear of women. Until men confront their own darkness and shadow between themselves, there can be no progress in clearing out the roots of misogyny.

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