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Parenting Breakdowns

  • E12
  • 31:31
  • January 20th 2022

What makes secure parents and parenting? How can parents reduce pressure, tensions and conflicts with constantly changing needs of children?

Chrissie Pollard interviews co-founder and psychotherapist Previn Karian on the application of Attachment Theory to parent-infant, parent-child and parent-teenager relationships.

Breaking through the "parent power" delusion that "I know MY child", and giving up this god-like position, Karian outlines how parents can understand different stages of child development. A-Theory concepts of "attunement", "secure base", "emotional contact" and the ebb and flow of dependence-independence, are discussed. They provide a psychological response to parental pressures and breaking points.

Princess Diana's way of holding children in the gaze of the cameras as she gazed at a starving child illustrate the fundamentals of the parent-child bonding. Parenting is a psychological task, and children hunger for a psychological relationship and understanding with their parents.

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