Episode 15: Mark Anthony, Mark Anthony Ensemble artwork
The Independent Musician

Episode 15: Mark Anthony, Mark Anthony Ensemble

  • S2E16
  • 50:51
  • January 14th 2023

Originally from the Northeast, born & raised in CT, Mark got his start in Acoustic music while attending the University of Connecticut where he majored in Psychology & minored in Music.

Upon graduation, Mark toured New England for several years with an Acoustic trio called “On The Road Again”, culminating in a six week Tour in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He returned home to play in several Rock bands until he discovered the new Country styles of the 80’s, moved to Nashville as an aspiring Country Music Artist and began to focus on his Songwriting ability.

In 2019, Mark decided to form an all Original group, the Mark Anthony Ensemble and in 2021 signed with Iron Gate Records in Nashville as a Recording Artist.

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