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Funny Leadership: Jason Voiovich on leveraging humour in your business

  • S1E23
  • 49:58
  • December 2nd 2021

Have you ever worked for a leader who thinks they're funny?

And they're not? 

Terrible humour can be an awful thing to bear. 

It's something we can tolerate when it's our brothers, our fathers, or our sisters.

But when it's our coworkers, or leaders, and the humour just isn't funny, or is offensive…

It can make everyone’s working day… harder.

But humour isn’t always bad news…

In fact, humour can be a powerful tool for a leader.

And throughout history... many successful leaders have used it to great affect.

In today’s episode, you’ll meet...

Jason Voiovich, Author of "Marketer in Chief: How Each President Sold the American Idea"

And you'll learn...

  • How you can become a funny and powerful leader

Plus, we’ll talk about...

  • The big dirty secret of the advertising industry

And lastly, we’ll introduce you to an strategy...

  • that will help you de-risk your business future…

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