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Island Treasures

Introducing Joe & Bella

  • S3E24
  • 50:53
  • December 2nd 2022

In this episode Ben Graham, Vice President of Brand Development and Marketing at Joe & Bella, tells his caregiving story, which starts with his grandparents no longer being safe in their home. The family moves the grandparents into Assisted Living where they are befriended by fellow-residents of the home - Joe and Bella! Ben, along with his family, provided care for his two grandparents for nearly a decade as they lived in Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Having Joe and Bella help with the transition to living in a care home certainly made the move easier than it could have been on Ben's grandparents and Joe and Bella became like family over the years. Their names became the name of the clothing company which creates innovative and fashionable adaptive apparel.

Joe & Bella was recently awarded as the Up-And-Comer Award for Chicago's startup community by Chicago Innovation; "Most Innovative Older Adult Clothing Brand: 2022" by Global Health, and "2022 Best New Apparel Brand" by Boomer Venture Summit.

Joe & Bella's first adaptive clothing line, CareZips, won the 2022 "Best New Product" award by Today's Caregiver Magazine and

To hear more about CareZips and the Everyday Freedom Pants and to read Bella's Blog check out Joe & Bella

Island Treasures

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