Island Treasures Visits a Caregiving Treasure in Ireland artwork
Island Treasures

Island Treasures Visits a Caregiving Treasure in Ireland

  • S4E23
  • 49:26
  • November 3rd 2023

In this episode you will hear how all about Breeda Miller's play, "Mrs. Kelly's Journey Home" and how Breeda was able to take the play to Ireland.

Breeda had been a guest on the Island Treasures podcast in Season 3, on Episode 20; where she talked about her play and the tour that was planned for the Fall of 2023 in Ireland. This episode talks about the fruition of the tour and what it was like to perform the play in Ireland!

This episode consists of two parts, just like Breeda's play. The first 'act' was recorded in Ireland shortly after the Irish debut of her play. The second 'act' was recorded back home in North America. This entire episode is also available in video format.

You'll hear about how Breeda's play is sweeping the nation as well as the tour; and if you'd like to join Breeda on her next tour of Ireland - she shares when she hopes that will be.

If you'd like to learn more about the resources Breeda has developed for caregivers, or about her play, or engage her as a keynote speaker - you can do so through her website

Island Treasures

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